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"Our memories are still fresh of the timely, skilled, cheerful and professional efforts of you and your subcontractors. Your crews are true craftsmen.
Gayle and Carol Post..."

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"Your staff and everyone connected with your firm have done everything you promised, and more, to make this home a wonderful place...
Dan and Roz Jacobs..."

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John and Chris,

We’re just settling into our brand new home on Parrett Mountain and I can’t begin to describe how thrilled we are. The home is simply gorgeous! The two of you made the whole building process easy, fun, and very educational. This is the first home we’ve ever built and we’d do it again in a heartbeat if we could work with Riverland.

Our first meeting on the property you helped us envision our dream home. Every step of the way, your positive “can do” approach put us at ease. During the build, I can’t tell you how many of your subcontractors told us how lucky we were to have Riverland as our builders. Their feedback was universal. Your “subs” all said you guys truly care about your clients and your homes. Now, it feels like we’re on vacation every day in this beautiful home. Thank you, thank you for making our dream a reality!

 Rick and Dawni Jacobs

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"Kate and I want to express to you our real appreciation for the job you have done in constructing our new home in 1st Addition. If some people have had nightmares during construction projects, we've had none.
John and Kate Warton..."

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"We first heard about Riverland Homes from a neighbor whose lovely Lake Oswego home had just been built by them. After interviews with several builders, it was clear that John Chlopek and Chris Bittner... were who we wanted to work with... it was the best decision we could have made.
Susan Henderson..."

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"John Chlopek tightly managed the bidding and budgeting, and promised only what he could deliver; our project was always under control. We... knew it would take a great deal of trust in the contractor... we found that in John and in Riverland Homes.
Barbara McIntosh..."

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"We simply love our new home, John Chlopek and the Riverland team! My experience is that I've found few friends and acquaintances that have completed a building project and, end-up having a good relationship with their builder. I am happy to say that we still like, trust and respect John and his team...
Kathy & John Stromberg..."

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"This is an absolutely beautiful house, from the overall design down to every single finish detail. We find it hard to believe that in a project this big, we don't have one single complaint or regret. Everything was done RIGHT and that's a great feeling. And it was fun!
Pat & Sara Shannon..."

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"It seems odd to suddenly have the intensity of decisions, meetings etc. all settle down. It is great to be in the house and we cannot express enough how thrilled we are. This email wont do it justice, but we will throw out a few thanks as a start. Chris, you have been amazingthe commitment and caring to doing the job right is so appreciated. This is what Riverland is all about, and why we wanted to do another project together. Both of you are terrific to work with, and we never had a doubt that anything but the right way on things would get done.
Susan B Higbee...

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"I want to thank you for the good work you did on our beautiful home. Looking back after two years we see that the process you took us thru resulted in a home that really fits our needs and our style.
Ann Goss ..."

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