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Good Morning Riverland!

Thank you so very much for the fabulous basket of goodies. It not only looks good to eat, but looks good to sit there – it fits right in with the decor! It seems odd to suddenly have the intensity of decisions, meetings etc. all settle down. It is great to be in the house and we cannot express enough how thrilled we are. This email won’t do it justice, but we will throw out a few thanks as a start. Chris, you have been amazing—the commitment and “caring” to doing the job right is so appreciated. This is what Riverland is all about, and why we wanted to do another project together. Both of you are terrific to work with, and we never had a doubt that anything but the right way on things would get done. It was also great to have Lorie and Bob again on the job—love their work. The others were great too. We really appreciate Ray and the new Bob, they did a great job. You know we are both in this industry, and we just don’t find that level of service and quality very often that you guys consistently deliver. You also got us in on schedule which is so awesome. Great teamwork makes great projects, and I think we all were a really good team. John – it’s such a bummer that you got hurt. We have thought and worried about you the whole time and really missed having you around. I really meant to get colors in front of you. I just wasn’t quick enough. We headed out one Saturday to visit you in the rehab, and you had just gotten out. Time just got away, and we went with our original gut – black, white and brown! It sounds like you are making great progress on your recovery, and we are so happy to hear that.

Sorry for the rambling---but thanks for everything!

We are anxious to have you both by very soon to see everything settled in and to thank you again. It’s been a great ride!

Susan B. Higbee
Principal, Director of Interiors

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