Riverland Homes

"To Whom It May Concern,

Building a home is one of the most significant financial investments you will make and, choosing a builder that you trust, can envision and embrace your goals for your dream home and, is knowledgeable in how to best balance price and quality are the keys to a successful builder and client relationship. In having recently completed this process with John Chlopek and Riverland Homes, I believe these are the three most important things to consider in choosing your builder! And, John and his team delivered exceptional results.

Trust is extremely important as you will be placing an enormous amount of responsibility into your builders' hands. And, it's critical that your builder and the sub-contractors they employ can be trusted to deliver what you set out to accomplish. Again, the experience we've had with John and his team continually demonstrated superior integrity and, created an environment where we were able to trust the team to deliver great results.

Second, it's critical to find a builder that can envision and deliver on your goals. Trust your eyes to tell you if a potential builder can do that. I would encourage you to visit the homes that Riverland has built. I think they speak volumes on the quality and care John and the team takes with each home. Our friends have continued to remark on the amazing quality of our home. My favorite comment was from a friend who said, "You just don't see this type of quality that comes through in your home with today's builders. It's truly very special".

Finally, finding someone that can really balance price and quality and, help you understand a range of options is critical. Again, John and his team continued, throughout the entire building process, to present multiple alternatives on how to approach each step in the process. There are always things that are more important than others for each client. John, his foreman, Tim and Joelle Jarvis of Ronda Divers Interiors, took the time to understand what was important to us and, how to help us in determining the best approach to meet our goals.

We simply love our new home, John Chlopek and the Riverland team! My experience is that I've found few friends and acquaintances that have completed a building project and, end-up having a good relationship with their builder. I am happy to say that we still like, trust and respect John and his team and, would highly recommend that you consider Riverland Homes for your next building project!"

Kathy & John Stromberg